Sunday, 26 February 2012

Voice in a Million

I got a great job, part of a large team videoing an event at Wembley Arena called Voice In A Million. It's a huge inspirational event and it was fun just being there.
It's also always great to work with a large creative team. There were lots of video makers, all with interesting stories to tell. For example, there was the Italian who when sent to video the Pope's Secretary, ducked the offer to kiss his ring (a sign of great favour amongst Catholics). She'd been brought up a Catholic but even so she couldn't bring herself to kiss the old man's ring.
Clearly the Pope's secretary took it as a snub, because that was her last news assignment. After that she was moved to sport.
Videoing in Wembley Arena is a challenge because the lighting during an event like this is extremely uneven: it's often difficult to see what's going on, let alone capture it on tape.
My approach was to concentrate on the interesting cut aways: a study of an individual child performing amongst a large group on a stage can be fascinating.
The kids had been taught to make a series of hand movements to emphasise the words they were singing and I managed to get several shots of groups of arms in profile. This was not the way the performance had been designed (I was at the side of the stage, not at the front with the audience), but I found the sight quite moving. It was like those speeded up views of plants growing, stretching out, you sometimes see. I can't show you those images (I had to hand in the tapes), but this video shows the set up.
We saw a lot of set up. I got there at 2.30pm and we started work after 7pm!

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