Monday, 12 December 2011

Dubai City Lights

I went to Dubai to video a conference. It was a steep learning curve. The job was all about shooting interviews. I was recording sound and shooting video at the same time (never a great thing to do). The room we used was fairly dim (by studio standards anyway) and had a noisy photocopier. Yet some of the video was OK. Didn't get too much praise from the client (that's normal) but he didn't complain either, so a result.

Dubai has an impossible climate and feels like a frontier town: more Wild West than Middle East! But the people are friendly and it felt safer shooting on the streets there (even during the so called Arab Spring) than it does in Central London. Of course, you don't have the uniformed armed guards on every platform of the London tube in the same way that you do on the rather wonderful Dubai Metro, but you can't have everything!

I shot the video you can see on this blog in my spare time but I'm not sure I could recommend spending an enormous amount of time wandering the streets of Dubai. As I say it felt safe but the sun is ferocious and takes quite some getting used to.

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